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06 May 2007 @ 02:07 am
We have lived this fragile peace for only still a short time.

Do not look to the future. But be here, now.
12 January 2007 @ 03:35 pm
Another cycle. Another time.
01 February 2005 @ 11:22 pm
Where is this place?
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01 February 2005 @ 11:29 pm
I found a virus in my programming. It lay dormant, giving no indication of potential damage... or corruption.

This was six months ago.

*pauses and contemplates, arms folded inside his sleeves* There's little value in dwelling on this now. Come what may...

Those affected by my absence--

*meaningfully* Forgive me.
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05 August 2004 @ 02:26 pm

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04 July 2004 @ 02:59 pm
I dreamed again.

It had Ghost. And buttsex.
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30 June 2004 @ 02:12 am
... It is unlikely that I, as a program, am capable of emotion. But-- this may yet be false. It is the only explanation.

But. Also... there is something more. Emotion is the less important state of mind. Above that-- above what could become of us-- is what becomes of you. Alone.

I do not yet completely understand the love the rebels spoke of. I know the impulse to protect. But I do not know if they go together.

I wish to protect you.

I would gratefully give up any involvement with you, if it meant the recognition of your free will. I protect that which matters most. In this new world--

You must live through a connection to everything. But foremost, to oneself.

I think... that this is what I desire most.
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28 June 2004 @ 11:27 pm
A few hours ago, I was overwhelmed by confusion. I still do not know why. But now my mind is clear.

It is true-- that you do not truly know someone until you fight them. In this case...

There is much that I still do not know.
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28 June 2004 @ 06:41 pm
You're not my eater I'm not your food Love you for God Love you for the Mother

Eat me In the space Within my heart Love you for God Love you for the Mother

Mother fountain Or live or not at all

The most level Sunken chapel Love you for God Love you for the Mother

All's there to love Only love
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14 June 2004 @ 04:04 pm
Temper?Collapse )
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